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Windows Sapphire

Saphirscheiben Tabelle


  • excellent transmission (diaphanous with wide spectrum – from UV to IR)
  • inert and very resistant against aggressive media
  • excellent heat conductivity (particularly at kryotemperatures
  • also excellent heat resistance and resistance against thermal shocks.
  • brilliant resistance against scratching and wear
  • good resistance against corrosion and abrasivity
  • extreme hardness (behind diamond the most hard technical material)
  • excellent electrical characteristics (high electrical resistance, high dielectric coefficient)

The combination from high E-modul, extreme hardness, brilliant optical characteristics and mechanical and chemical resistance offers phenomenal advantages compared against glass or ceramic!

Sapphire windows have good ansmissivity and high permeation ratio when the wavelength is from 0,2µm; to 5,5 µm

The infrared transmission ratio will not alter with temperature changes.
Therefore, as the best window materials, the sapphire is widely used in infrared receipts, satellites , missiles, medical equipment, space technology, instruments and lasers.
Products Description Sapphire Windows
Hardness Mohs 9
Crystalline Hexagonal
Density 3.98g/cm³
Melting Point 2030-2050jæ
Thermal Expansion Coefficient Parralleleledxis 6.7(10 -6 /jæ)
Vertical Axis 5.0(10 -6 /jæ

Young's Modulus 3.5-3.8(106kg/cm²)
Rupture Modulus 5000-7000 kg/cm²
Compressive Strength 21,000kg/cm²
Refractive Index Paralleled Axis:1.769
Vertical Axis:1.760
Infrared Transmission Ratio 86%jj(:Ë=10,000£d=3mm)s
Corrosion Proof Normal temperature:
acid and alkali proof.
300jæ:can be corroded by HF
Specification Dia.:2-187mm
Quick-Ohm productes for applications in the surgical, infrared or ultraviolet optical and safety related industries used in high temperature or corrosive environment.
Dimension (mm) / Material: saphire
0.80-40.00 0.50-20.00
Tolerances (µm)
0.80-5.00 5.00-40.00 0.50-2.00 2.00-20.00
±50 ±100 ±50 ±80
Machining capabilities and tolerances
  Machining Tolerances
Flat lapping 1-70mm Dia. Thickness 15 µ
Parallelism 5µ
Flat polishing 0.8-70 mm Dia. Flatness 1 µ per 10 mm
Roufhness 0.05 µ
Cylindrical polishing 0.5-8 mm Dia. Roughness Ra 0.2 µ
Technical datas
Composition Al 2O 2 (sapphire)
Density 3.98-3.99
Hardness in Vickes (2000N) 1900-2100 HV30
Hardness Mohs 9
Tensile strength 26 daN/mm²
Compressive strenght 210 daN/mm²
Elasticity module 3.6.10 4 - 104 daN/mm²

Melting point 2050 C°
Chemical resistance Virtually resistant to all chemical
agents even at high temperature