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Piezo ultrasonic misting unit

with electronic

Misting units with electronic work allways at the optimized frequency. The input voltage normally is a low   voltage AC.
It is absolutely necessary, to control a minimum depth of water (liquid) on the head of the Piezo element, otherwise the  Piezo element will destroy itself.
Only liquidities can be nebulized.
Standard is the Piezo ultrasonic misting unit with a stainless steel foil on  the Piezo element.

Pay attention:
1. Never use agressive liquidities.
2. Allways meet a minimum depht of 40mm, because the unit destroys itself.

liquid droplet size 0,5-6,0 mycro meter
Operating temperatur range oft the Piezo element 0° Cels. to 50 ° Cels.
expected life time 2000 h

The most high mist output is reachable at 40-50 mm water depth.

product code washer diameter resonance
Capaciter power
input voltage
QUV-HEV FT25/16-A 25mm 1,63MHz +70kHz 1800pF +10% 30 + 5W 36 VAC 6,6ml / min
brief description:
input voltage  „AC 36V“
Float S: for connection of liquidity niveau sensor, if not used, it has to be a short circuit.
LED: to connect a LED.
VR: to connect a potentiometer 0- 5 kOhm to control the mist output, if not used, it has to be a short circuit.