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Insulating washers

TO220D without hole


Aluminium oxid ceramic AL 2 O 3      96%

- Very good electric insulation: (1x10 14 bis 1x10 15 Ω/cm)
- High mechanical consistency: (300 bis 630 MPa0 = Mega Pascal)
- Very high compressiv resistance (2000 bis 4000 MPa)
- High hardness (15 bis 19 GPa)
- Good heat conductivity (20 bis 30 W/mK)
- High corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance
- Good gliding performance
- Low volumic mass(3,75 bis 3,95 g/cm3)
- Operation temperature without mechanical stress 1000 ~ 1500°C
- Food safe

Pay attention:
In case of use of heat-conductive paste or, heat-conductive glue, the heat transfer is as better as more thin those products are applicated.
product code Dimension smoothed hight/mm hole image please click to enlarge the drawing
After sale down, not any longer available!
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